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Anonymous sent: Hey guys! So Jackson how are things with Claire? Are you like a thing? What about Frankie? Are you relinquishing her to Holt?

Hey um I guess things with her are good, we keep in touch but school keeps me pretty busy. No, I uh like Claire she’s a nice girl but I don’t think we’d work out and I’m still confused over how I feel about Frankie. Relinquish her to…um she’s not an object, if she wants Holt t-then that’s *sighs* that’s fi-fine. I just hope he’ll make her happy, that’s if she ever makes her mind up on who she wants…

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Anonymous sent: holt can u be quiet for like one second please??!?!??!?!?!? quit interrupting jackson he needs to stand up for himself so i dont have to shave half ur head to teach him a lesson jackson do it!

Hey! Not cool dude, I ain’t interrupting. :( JJ, go ahead! And don’t you dare shave half my head!

Hey, that rhymes! I think I totally just had an idea for new song lyrics… HH

I agree that Holt needs to learn to shut up more and that I need to stand up for myself but I’m not shaving my head to teach him a lesson, that’d just be stupid - Jackson Jekyll

Anonymous sent: are you a homo or perv or r u thinking about being a gay guy u would not be funny lol just kiddin u and holt r so sexy take off ur shirt plz :) just kidding but still take off ur shirt ur still gay to me

I just…um well ok? I don’t even know what’s going on anymore with you anons - Jackson Jekyll

I… uh… thanks anon, but the double H doesn’t just take his shirt off for anyone! …It has to be a ghoul ;) YEEEEAAAHHHH! - HH

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Anonymous sent: jackson do u think you could ever be cool try shaving your head and get 5 percings in one ear and become an FBI agent then double cross them like being a CIA agent remember be mysteroious so ALL the ghouls will love u just in case u and frankie dont work out your welcome buddy

uh…what did I just read?

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x-draculaura-x-deactivated20131 sent: hi guys what's up?

Hey Ula D! ;Nothin’ much ghoul, what about you? - HH

Hey Draculaura, studying for the next test and catching up with all the stuff I’ve missed while I’ve been away from the blog :) whats up with you? - Jackson Jekyll

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Anonymous sent: Holt, I think you'd look cute with Venus Mcflytrap. What do you think? :)

Venus? What makes you say that? She is a lil hottie and a lovely ghoul, but I dunno, we don’t speak much. Maybe we should! YEEEAAAHHHH!

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Anonymous sent: -HH: I've heard that you have tried to kiss Clair a few times .... But I thought you liked Frankie!?' -JJ: Why are you so adorable?' :3 And is you and Holt started to become better friends?' (:

A few times? Just once dude, and I do like Frankie Fine but well, we’ve hit “pause” remember? So I thought, “what’s the harm?” - HH

Aw thanks that’s uh really nice of you, you’re too kind and about Holt and I? well um…in a way we have but things are still more or less the same - Jackson Jekyll 

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askclawdwolf-deactivated2013010 sent: Yooo dudes, wassup?

Hey dude! Nothin’ much, creating some scary cool monster beats! What about you bro? - Holt Hyde

Hey Clawd, sorry we took so long to answer this! I’ve been busy with tests and homework like always, what about yourself? - Jackson Jekyll

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ask-me-frankie-stein-deactivate sent: Hey, it's Frankie! I just wanted to tell Holt that i'm sorry I left him when he asked me to stay... I really didn't want to go. And did you really believe I would come back for you? If you did, it really means alot. At least someone would have faith in me! XD

Hey Frankie Fine, that’s okay! I always have faith in you, you’re not the type of ghoul to just leave the Holtster!

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holt-hyde-is-cute sent: Hey Holt, like my name? Sorry Jackson! :( You are also cute!

Yeah…I’m used to this, thank you though :) - Jackson Jekyll

Duuude your name is fine, YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! And pretty accurate ;D - HH