Gangsta Jackson - What the WHAT?!

It was only a joke, I doubt I’d EVER be able to pull that off - I mean look at me but could you imagine? I’d end up being a rapper and everyone would laugh at me.That is assuming I could even get into the music business, I don’t think it’s that easy but then again they let you be a DJ, so it must not be that hard.

Can you two get anymore attractive?! Holt you have that rocker, fiery tempered thing almost everyone likes. And Jackson, you are just SO CUTE with you nerdy, shy personality. But you have a 'gangster' tongue.(Like when you say "Nah" instead of "No" and I think I heard you say "ain't" before)


Nah, that ain’t me.

Jackson , you are the cutest thing ever! *blushes* Are you dating anyone right now?

Aw, you’re too sweet. I needed that, thank you. I’m not dating anyone, well me and Frankie did have a thing but…uh yeah I’m not dating anyone.

If Jackson got drunk would it affect holt

Yeah, we both get drunk since it’s one body but only one of us gets the hang over and Holt always makes sure it’s me. I tried to get revenge on him, drank a lot and feel asleep. The next morning I woke up and it was sooo bad, the music I had set to play had mysteriously gone missing and everything that could make music was hidden. I ended up having to deal with the hangover myself all day. - Jackson Jekyll 


Monster High + Text Posts Part 2

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Holt and Jackson if u had the chance to do it with Frankie would you :-)

What do you mean, “would I”?

If you turned into a girl for 1 day, what would you do? I mean lots of ppl usually ask this to hawt dudes like yourselfs and who would you date at Monster High if you were a girl?

Good question! If i was a ghoul for a day I guess I’d take the chance to record some higher vocals for my jams, maybe go shoppin’ with Frankie ‘cause she’s always asking JJ and I to go out with her to crawl the maul, it would be cool to see the world through girls eyes for a day. Do you think I could get free drinks too?

As for who I would date? Frankie if I could, but if she didn’t dig then it’d be Deuce or Clawd. I’ve seen how well those guys can treat a lady! Not Manny Taur. I wouldn’t touch that. Not even with a rusty pole. - HH

If I got turned into a girl? hm, well uh I’d probably not be much different though I doubt Manny would beat me up since yeah he doesn’t hit girls. I’d probably let Draculaura and Clawdeen give me a make over too, those ghouls love having a chance to dress someone up not that I would even get a choice anyway.

Dating okay hm… I’d act like a new ghoul and probably go for Deuce or Clawd just to mess with them for a day. You know? get back at them for when they annoy me sometimes. I would go for maybe Valentine too, don’t get me wrong I know he’s a total bad guy but I heard he’s awfully romantic and if it’s just for the day what harm could it do? - Jackson Jekyll 

What is your favorite type of candy

Red hots! What else? I like my candy like I like my ghouls. Blazin’ hot. ;) - HH

Twinkies…yeah - Jackson Jekyll 

what would you name your kids?

Holt Junior if it’s a dude, Holtette if it’s a ghoul! - Holt Hyde

Something elegant and kind of old fashioned for a girl, maybe even Victorianish? If it’s a boy I don’t know, I suppose maybe after someone I admire…it’s kind of hard to say - Jackson Jekyll   

Are Franke fine

Yes. - Jackson Jekyll